Q: Do you repair all types of bikes?

A: Yes, we repair all makes and models of bicycles. Bring your bike to the shop for a free estimate of what your bike needs.


Q: Do you perform tune-ups on bicycles?

A: Yes. For a tune-up, we:
* remove the chain, freewheel, crank, derailleurs and scrub them clean
* true and clean both wheels;
* clean the frame;
* reassemble the bike;
* adjust all bearing surfaces; and
* adjust brakes and shifting as necessary.


Q: How much will it cost to fix my bike?

A: It depends on how much work your bike needs, and we cannot venture a guess without examining the bike. We provide free estimates, so stop by with your bike and we can discuss what you would like us to do.


Q: If I bring my bicycle to be fixed, can I pick it up that same day?

A: It depends on the type of repair and the repair schedule at the shop on a given day. The spring and summer months are the busiest for repairs, so we encourage customers to make an appointment. There are, of course, some repairs that can be handled “as you wait” or for pick-up later that day. Stop in or call the shop to discuss whether we can tend to your bike quickly.


Q: Do I need to make an appointment to have my bike repaired, or can I just drop it off?

A: You can do either. Bring the bike to shop and leave it with us, or call us to schedule a time that is convenient for you to bring the bike.


Q: Do you offer classes on bicycle maintenance and riding?

A: Yes. We offer classes on how to maintain your bicycle, as well as riding in the city and other relevant topics. The classes are announced via e-mail and on the website. If you would like to receive notices, please contact the shop and ask to be included on the list serve.


Q: I am interested in buying a new bike but am uncertain as to what type of bicycle would be best for me. Can you help?

A: Yes. We carry bicycles for all types of riding, and we can help you choose the bike that matches your needs and interests. Are you considering a bike to ride with your family, commute in the city, ride off-road, enter your first triathlon or bike race, or take an overnight cycling tour? Let Ashmont Cycles put you on the right bike, be it a hybrid, mountain, road, single-speed or touring bike. We would be happy to discuss with you your needs and match you to the correct bicycle.


Q: Do you organize group bicycle rides?

A: Yes. From early-April until late-September there are two rides that meet in front of the shop every Wednesday evening. One is a 34-mile fast ride, and the other is a more leisurely-paced ride of 18 miles. The rides leave at 6:00p.m. All are welcome. Also, we encourage anyone who is interested, to organize rides for other days/times during the week that better suits their schedules.


Q: Do you have a layaway plan?

A: Yes. You must make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost of the bicycle, and pay the remaining balance within four weeks.



Q: Do you sell used bikes?

A: Yes, but the used-bike inventory varies. Contact the shop for information about what types of used bikes we have in stock.


Q: Do you buy used bikes? Do you take “trade-in’s towards a new bike?

A: We do not buy used bikes. Occasionally, we do take trade-in’s towards the purchase of a new bike.


Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: Yes, and if you cannot make it to the shop to purchase one, we can mail a gift card to you. Give us a call to process payment over the phone.



Q: Do you pack bikes for travel?

A: Yes, we do.